Un-caped crusader?

I have a sometimes exhausting list of things I am protesting. Frankly, even I get lost sometimes. Here’s a short list of the top issues: Puppy mill pets (dogs, cats, horses, ferrets…) Plastic bags (this has morphed in bags in general) T-shirts at charity events (or other giveaways) (they end up in the landfill and

No, I haven’t disappeared

It’s been almost a month since I posted, which since starting this blog, is the longest I’ve ever taken a break. I have no real reason just lots of excuses. I may try to catch what audience I have left up tomorrow. In the meantime, my new dog’s name is Key. And here are some

The great crunchy lentil soup debacle

Last week was not a week I wanted to write about. I just feel lucky I survived it. The bruises, burns, and injuries will take longer to heal; the food poisoning was over quickly. Unfortunately, I’m not kidding. So, each February the Governor of Oregon challenges his/her employees to a food drive. Each agency then

The couch edition

I have a friend who loves pictures of couches. Not lovely, Pinterest-worthy pictures. But dark, blurry pictures of people sitting in dim rooms smiling for a snap shot while sitting on a couch. She’s been to Spain, Quebec, and Japan and come back with pictures of… couches. Not the Sagrada Familia Basilica. Not the Citadelle

The great experiment

I am a hug fan of the “one year experiment” genre of books. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is probably my favorite, but I also like The Happiness Project and Not Buying It. I really want to read The Year of Living Biblically, too. I always have vague plans to do something along these lines. Weight Watchers

Goodbye, house.

Last Friday morning I signed the papers to sell my little house on Glacier St. in Oregon City. I’d like to say that this post has been held up because of deep angst about that, but the fact is I’ve just been too busy, and when not too busy, mildly insane. (So what’s new?) That