Second verse, same as the first

During what the press is calling “Women’s Weekend” I attended the Salem WomXn’s March to mark the anniversary of the epic 2017 Women’s March. Note: I am not going into what I think about the name change. The signage standard , already¬† high last year, was even higher this year. While I opted for my

Lump of (char)coal

My post last week clearly offended the Christmas spirits. As I guess they are listening, I take it all back. The current plan about annual Christmas is wonderful and I will never DREAM about complaining about any nonexistent complications that come with this WONDERFUL holiday. As proof of my sincerity, I offer… A new Christmas-themed

Okay… new plan.

There comes a point in every holiday season where I have a nearly overwhelming urge to declare myself ruler of the universe and do away with the whole Christmas situation. In fact, if I was running for public office, my platform would be: Christmas once every four years (like the Olympics) Eliminate Roman numerals (this

A certain age

The saleslady said “Ladies of a certain age shouldn’t wear red” An odd thing to ban Why not black, or gray, or tan? It’s true that my complexion no longer shows The smoothness that society poetically calls glow. My breasts may tend to slightly sag Another thing society deems bad So why should red now

Red moon

The red moon greets me on the horizon Pale from smoke At first there is no noise Yet the crickets coo and hum My feet scuff on the trail There is no light The merest shade of not black A suggestion that maybe the black and white of the canvas can change I have yet

Just a prayer

My heart is too heavy and my body too sore to write a good blog post tonight. I will try to catch you up on some important artistic contemplations later in the week. For tonight, however, I just need to share this. Condemn no man for not thinking as you think. Let every one enjoy

Public Service

I don’t know about you, but I talked to a lot of people who felt like this was an especially long week. I know I’m thinking: “TGIF!” So, to brighten your day and get you ready for the weekend (which by all accounts will be lovely) here are 15 random flower photos from my walk

I know you’re taunting me

In general, I don’t believe in complaining about the weather. There is nothing I or anyone else can do about it, and my time with God is usually spent having conversations like this: “God, please give me the strength not to strangle office-mate Opal when she tells me that story AGAIN!” Still, this “spring” has


I got to mark a small bucket list item off my list today. The Salem March for Science had a small group of counter-protesters across the street. I’m doing something controversial! Though, to be fair, I never did figure out their cause… Anyway, I did attend the Salem March for Science today. As soon as

JJ, take the wheel

A couple of months ago I decided I need a vacation from attending the Watercolor Society of Oregon conventions (twice a year in April and October.) After putting one on, I was tired. I didn’t get a painting into this show, and I knew it would be extra big and fancy because it was combined