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Just a few updates

I (finally) finished the sleeves on my sweater. It seems like it took forever, but as I said, I’m trying to look at it like my weight loss project and just keep plugging away. Next I’ll start on the front, then put it all together, and do the button band. Speaking of weight loss, I …

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The Fact Check Mission

Dad has been in the memory care facility for about a month now, so I marked my calendar for a quick day trip down to Lincoln City to meet up with Mom and have a little visit with Dad. Mom and I originally chose today because the Audubon Society of Lincoln City was having a …

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Oh Not-So-Happy Day

Today Mom and I moved Dad into a memory care facility. I took the day off work and drove down to Lincoln City first thing to help Mom. I figured if nothing else, I could be a pack mule. On the drive I stopped at a little coffee shop; it had the most beautiful white …

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Memorial Day & memories

Today I went on a guided hike in Canemah and had a blast, but I’m going to write about that in tomorrow’s post. While in Canemah, the historic cemetery had its gates open to allow Memorial Day traffic, and our group went in to admire the lovely grounds. As I was walking around I got …

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Late 2011 through 2012 will forever be known as my “AnnĂ©e terrible”. I was in a car accident; I was laid off; my dad had heart surgery; my aunt died; I had pneumonia twice. About the only thing I had going for me in this year of horrors was my house. I bought it from …

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