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Jul 19

Workshop accomplished

Six months ago I was checking out my Facebook feed, which is typically filled with birds, horses, dogs, and art. One of my favorite artists, Ruth Buchanan, posted about lining up her 2017 workshop schedule. I took a chance and contacted her to ask if she ever did workshops in America, thinking if given enough …

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Nov 06

Resetting my inner clock

Late last week my boss came to me and asked where the October report was. I looked at her dumbfounded. “It’s October?” I’m not sure why this was a shock to me. I should have figured out it was October when my convention happened. But after all that was over, it’s like I went into …

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Aug 28

Student Issues

One of the perks of being an adult (there really aren’t too many when you think about it) is the right to go off track when you take a class without anyone scolding you. This is, obviously, is a mixed blessing. While it can be fun to run off on a tangent, if you are …

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Jul 26

Class: Messy Palette Club (week 1)

Yes, folks, I have gone all in to try to get my creativity back. In addition to the “Writing and Illustrating Children’s Books” class (Mom got a HUGE kick out of this post), I signed up to take an online watercolor class (Summer Session Watercolor Painting Class a.k.a. Messy Palette Club) with a local instructor …

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Jun 28

The process of “finishing”

As I said to my mom tonight, for me, finishing a painting is less about actually being done and more about running out of time. As you may remember, I started a few paintings a little more than a month at the Ruth Ellen Hoag workshop I attended. The annual Equine Art show is coming …

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Jun 27

All the pretty horses

Once again, I have to make my appologies for over a month without blogging. I really have no good excuses. In fact, the less said, perhaps the better. Let me make it up to you with tons of pretty horses pictures. Yesterday i went to a Drum Horse Artists Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmerman (Western Rose …

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May 18

Ruth Ellen Hoag – Day 2

Right up front I’m gonna apologize for the poor quality images today; I forgot my camera and took these with my Kindle. They are blown out, skewed, and cut off weirdly. At any rate, today was day two of the Ruth Ellen Hoag workshop. The “focus” of the day was working inside-to-outside and small-to-big. I …

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May 17

Ruth Ellen Hoag – Day 1

I am running amok yet again. In a brave move to escape my normal life (and try to get painting again) I signed up for a workshop entitled “Simplicity and Complexity” by Ruth Ellen Hoag held at Ruth Armitage‘s studio in my old stomping grounds of Oregon City. What attracted me to the workshop was …

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May 01

The myth of catching up

I had a goal this weekend. I was going to catch up and then get some painting done, taking advantage of the energy I felt coming off Margaret Godfrey‘s workshop. Here’s what I did today. Spent an extra hour in bed petting the dogs and cat (mistake?) Went for a walk in the park with …

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Apr 23

Margaret Godfrey workshop, day 1

I have been really struggling to paint the last few months. Moving and then the holidays just really took the wind out of whatever sails were still around. So, when a Margaret Godfrey workshop was advertised at the Brownsville Art Center (now juts 45 minutes away from me,) I knew I had to sign up. …

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