2015 Recap

It is definitely that time of year. In the blogging world, bloggers are posting recaps and plans for the new year. Facebook is filled with “Year in Review” and “Most” lists. So, obviously, I have to post my own accomplishments. The 2015 List (Accomplishments in red) (sortofs in purple) Painting Keep painting Write more exclusively

So how’s the blogging going?

Last year I published a chart that showed this website’s readership progress. I can find the chart, but unfortunately not the Excel data that made it up. Readership does seem to be growing, though certainly not as much as the first year. I can see that my readership wants more focus (when I stop posting


Each year I have vague ideas of making a New Year’s resolution to have complete rest one day a week. My basic thought is to have a day where I can only walk. It is my hope that with driving remove from the options, I would have more time to do things like paint or


Late 2011 through 2012 will forever be known as my “Année terrible”. I was in a car accident; I was laid off; my dad had heart surgery; my aunt died; I had pneumonia twice. About the only thing I had going for me in this year of horrors was my house. I bought it from