Healthy Steps – Weeks 27 & 28

I’m home sick today. I either have really bad allergies or a small cold. I’m frankly not sure which, but my level of ability to be out in the world is diminished. As such, I’m trying to: 1) take naps (I’m up to 2), and 2) catch up on… well, everything. Week 27 contained July

Healthy Steps – Week 26

Well, I would love to report that I met my goal from last week of finally hitting 10% of my body weight lost. I can’t; instead I gained 5.4 pounds. Now, I didn’t eat badly enough for that to happen (though, obviously, there is some room for improvement.) My story has to do with asprin,

Healthy Steps – Week 25

When I stepped on the scale today, I told my WW leader, “Anything that’s not a gain is a victory.” And I didn’t even mean that. I meant, “Anything that’s not +5 pounds is a victory.” Imagine my shock… I was down 2.2 pounds and am now less than 1 pound away from my Big


I am sure most of you have read a version of this article, entitled “40 Words For Emotions You’ve Felt, But Couldn’t Explain.” While the words are made up, the article perfectly catalogs the complex and confusing emotional life that we lead but can’t explain. This week, as I was searching for a word to

Healthy Steps – Week 24

Progress Happens. This is the quote from this week that I sort of hung on to. I’m late posting this week, not because I did badly (I removed 4.2 pounds for a total of 35 pounds lost!) but because almost every other area of my life felt like too much and I couldn’t figure out

Healthy Steps – Week 23

It was no shock to me that I gained 2.8 pounds this week. I camped and hiked and ate. I ate a lot of unhealthy foods, and I realized that I’m dangerously close to losing all progress. Before I could even think about that, I had to rush out of Weight Watcher’s check in to

Healthy Steps – Week 22

Please forgive me; this post is a day late. I have been working on a project and time got away from me last night. I was down .8 pounds this week, leaving me 3.7 pounds away from the BIG TARGET. I’m pretty happy with that, especially considering how much cheating I did. I wish I

Healthy Steps – Week 21

I am delighted to report, after the gloom and doom of my last post, that this week I lost 6.4 pounds, erasing last week’s gain and even dropping a little bit more. In fact, I am 4.5 pounds away from a big milestone: 10% gone! My goal when I started this 16-week Weight Watcher’s booklet

Healthy Steps – Week 20.5

Oops. In so many ways… Last Wednesday (it’s Monday evening now) when I got on the scale I had gained over 5 pounds! Now, I was expecting an increase, but the amount surprised me. I resolved to work on the basics again, and have made some progress decreasing to 1 frappachino a day (again). But,

Healthy Steps – Weeks 18 & 19

I’m not sure what happened to my post from last week (week 18); I guess I wrote it in my imaginary blog? It was a nice post. I gained 1.2 pounds and it was about how it’s the kick in the pants I need to get back to making changes. It was obviously a motivational