Studio Initiation

With the word “opening” but COVID on the rise, I am very much hunkered down at home. Last week we got word that the work from home orders will extend through August. Yesterday was the summer equinox. We’re just about halfway through 2020. And who could have foreseen what a year it was going to


I’ve been thinking a lot about chapters. According to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, chapter has at least three definitions, including this one: period of time that is very different from the period of time before it. The problem is that many times, chapters aren’t easy to define. 2019 was absolutely influenced (read dominated) by the

2020 Goals

Heading into 2020, I feel a little daunted. Last year I put my goals in a new format in an attempt to recognize that it would be a tough year for me. I think that gave me the space to grieve Mom’s death (not that that will stop), but it was demonstrably a less effective

2019 Goals in Review

Well, just a few more hours of 2019. It was one for the books. Last year, knowing it would be a tough year, I did my goals slightly differently. I tried to be less (ha ha) goal oriented. And, well, not as much got done. I’m okay with that, and it was probably unavoidable. But

Out of the fog

The last few days, I have been noticing that I feel a little clearer. Concentrating seems a little easier. I feel less raw and emotional. Of course, this isn’t to say I don’t feel emotions. I am still tired (as an emotion), but it’s getting better. It seems to be replaced with irritation or anger.

2019 Goals

For the first time that I can remember, undoubtedly due to Mom’s recent death, I find myself looking forward to the year ahead and not really knowing how it should look. In some ways, so much is on my plate that wasn’t before. In other ways, there is a lot I don’t have to worry

2018 Goals in Review

2018: A year that changed dramatically from what was planned. Still, progress was made. The items in blue were accomplished. Items in red were not. Items in green are partial. Painting Keep painting Finish the commission that is taking FOREVER Do RB homework Write at least once a week (goal on Sunday) about your art