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Jun 11

Life list addition

Since taking a hike with Ashley, I’ve been traveling a little extra during Canemah hikes to see if I can spot the dark visitor we spotted but couldn’t identify. And today… I found him! In almost exactly the same place, stalking a squirrel (apparently he had one squirrel pinned and the other was chattering vociferously …

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Jun 08

A little news update

Open Studios of Beavercreek Well, Open Studios of Beavercreek has been going on for two days and so far it’s been great. First, I have been so touched by all the people who have helped and shows support. My friend JJ came out bright and early on Friday morning to help me with the last …

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Jun 04

It’s all about the grass now

Today was a big day. “Delight” was turned in to the Oregon Society of Artists Rose Festival Show. Fingers crossed it gets juried into the actual show. I was so excited I had trouble sleeping last night. After surviving the excitement of the day, I came home and took Finn to Canemah. No matter what …

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May 28

Canemah with Metro’s Ashley

Monday I went on a guided hike of Canemah with Metro naturalist Ashley. It’s amazing how much difference training can make! Ashley demonstrated some significant geographic features of the area. She answered myriad questions about plants, and showed me birds that I didn’t even know were in the area! For example, I had no idea …

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May 14

Pours, Pollock, & Painting (I need a maid now)

I am taking a break from painting class for the summer for a variety of reasons, mostly having to do with my current stress levels. As part of this bargain with myself, however, I have committed to paint every Tuesday or Wednesday night. I think it’s going to be Wednesday from now on so I …

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May 11

Right place

It’s been a busy day, full of my usual Saturday things. I went to the Farmer’s Market, an art class with Patricia Schmidt, dropped off a piece of art at Grapevine Gallery for the Open Studios of Beavercreek show, then went out to the barn to muck stalls for Sound Equine Options. My last stop …

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Apr 27

Work in Progress

I haven’t had a lot to write about this week because I have been concentrating on other matters. On Monday I joined Weight Watchers. I announced this on my Facebook account, but I (weirdly) wasn’t sure about putting it on my blog. It somehow seemed so permanent, but I need to find ways to hold …

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Apr 07

Process, series, and message

Today I went back to the WSO convention. The final day is always an interesting mix. There is a business meeting followed by the juror’s demo. At the business meeting I won a door prize (I guess I can’t say I never win anything…) I have checked this book out a couple of times at …

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Apr 04

My new favorite show

Ever since “Meerkat Manor” went off the air (remember Flower? Shakespeare? OMG that was the best show…) there has been a gaping hole in my life. The bird cams have helped a lot, but I think I have finally found the perfect replacement. For a few days I watched the hawks, Big Red and Ezra. …

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Mar 27

Easily Entertained

The last couple of years, I have been captivated by the bird cams hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The first year it was the Red-Tailed Hawks that caught my fancy, followed by the antics of the Great Blue Herons (with their FIVE babies!) Last year I mainly watched the Kestrels (with only three …

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