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Jul 03

This blogger’s default weapon

At least part of the reason I have had so much trouble blogging the last few months is that i have been having camera problems. If I had the money, I would love to buy one of those big cameras with the really long lens; however, as I live on quite a tight budget (those …

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May 02

No driving = more painting

Today I decided to enact a “no driving” day. So, around the house an in my neighborhood, we did: 2 naps 3 walks 1 vacuum 1 lunch 1 church visit 4 hours of painting 2 loads of laundry Only the painting is really blog-able, though. I was excited to get to work on the first …

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Mar 06

No name, but beach trip was fun

Well, “little dog” still doesn’t have a name (don’t pressure me) but he has now traveled to the coast. “Little dog” proved to have a good enough recall that he was allowed off leash for both a morning marsh hike and both trips down to the beach. Finn has always loved the beach. In the …

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Feb 22

Ankeny birding

This morning I got up to go with the Salem Audubon Society on a birding trip to Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. When I got up this morning, a spectacular near-red sunrise greeted me, but by the time I got to Ankeny, a little cloud brightness was all that was left. A storm was coming, however, …

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Feb 16

Wild Wings Festival – Upper Basin (color variant day)

Yesterday was my second (and last) day at the Wild Wings Festival. While the Wild Wings Festival is a four day event, I could only attend on the weekend. Originally I had toyed with the idea of staying over an extra day on Sunday and driving back on Monday (a holiday for me), but my …

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Feb 14

Wild Wings Festival – Klamath Falls

This weekend I have traveled to the southern part of central Oregon to enjoy the Wild Wings Festival in Klamath Falls Oregon (there is no falls I can find, but there are lakes and refuges.) Yesterday (Friday) I spent most of the day driving down to Klamath Falls. I checked into an AirBNB here with …

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Jan 17

7 unrelated things on a Sunday

Starbucks cups now come in purple. Obviously I had to have one. 2. You can rent art at the Salem library. Who knew? 3. I got up early this morning to go with the Salem Audubon Society to Ankeny. I saw lots of birds (primarily ducks). I took five pictures. It was wet. Really wet. …

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Jan 17

Raptor Sketching

Last night I drove down to the Brownsville Art Association for their “Sketchbook Club” night because they were having live raptors from the Cascades Raptor Center come in for posing. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. For the first hour they had a talented instructor give tips on drawing birds, raptors in particular.   Then …

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Jan 02

Happy New (Birding) Year

Hello all and Happy New Year! Party animal that I am, I went to bed early last night and got up early to go on a hike at Minto Brown Park with the Salem Audubon Society. Let me tell you… that’s one hardy bunch! Four hours later we finally made it back to the car. …

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Oct 30

Whooooo makes us feel better?

Today I got out of a meeting and people were running around the office. “What’s happening?” I ask. I hate to miss ANYTHING. “Didn’t you see the email,” a co-worker says, hurrying by. “There’s a barred owl.” After the briefest possible moment pause for directions, I grabbed my binoculars are hurried out to the creek …

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