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Nov 20

Another year, another 6×6 painting

Since 2009 I have contributed a 6×6 painting to the Audubon Society of Portland’s Wild Art Festival. This year I painted a young pileated woodpecker I met over the 4th of July weekend. As I have said before, I find this project a way to experiment and also to assess my art skills. In 2009 …

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Sep 18


Today I got up early to go with the Salem Audubon Society out to Ankeny Wildlife Refuge. I arrived promptly at 7:00. Not a single person was there. Tturns out the hike is next weekend; they posted the scouting trip a couple days ago and I got mixed up. So I decided to tour the …

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Sep 17

It turns out no one walks on… water

After a week that I feel could be definitive proof that all people are crazy all the time, I decided to take the time after escaping the office Friday to take Key to do a long exploration of Minto-Brown Park (one of the treasures of Salem.) We saw a good variety of birds. And Key …

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Sep 11

Ocean Adventures

A few months ago, the Salem Audubon Society put a notice in their newsletter that they were going on a “Pelagic Tour” on September 11 through Whale Research EcoExcursions (Carrie Newell.) I called up my mom and asked if she wanted to come, and with her resounding yes ringing in my ears I called to …

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Aug 15

Class: Writing & Illustrating Children’s Books (Week 4-5)

I don’t know where the last few weeks has gone, but Thursday my Writing and illustrating Children’s Books class ended with the remaining students (5 out of more than a dozen) presenting their “mini” books. I present here my book. I have revised a few things and I still have a few paintings to finish. …

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Jul 04

North Fork Santiam and Opal Creek

I believe I am not the only person who woke up this morning with a plan to “do something.” Last night I Googled some ideas for hikes in the area (still new to me) and decided to experiment with driving up Highway 22 to see the Opal Creek Wilderness Area. Finn is no longer capable …

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Jul 03

This blogger’s default weapon

At least part of the reason I have had so much trouble blogging the last few months is that i have been having camera problems. If I had the money, I would love to buy one of those big cameras with the really long lens; however, as I live on quite a tight budget (those …

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May 02

No driving = more painting

Today I decided to enact a “no driving” day. So, around the house an in my neighborhood, we did: 2 naps 3 walks 1 vacuum 1 lunch 1 church visit 4 hours of painting 2 loads of laundry Only the painting is really blog-able, though. I was excited to get to work on the first …

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Mar 06

No name, but beach trip was fun

Well, “little dog” still doesn’t have a name (don’t pressure me) but he has now traveled to the coast. “Little dog” proved to have a good enough recall that he was allowed off leash for both a morning marsh hike and both trips down to the beach. Finn has always loved the beach. In the …

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Feb 22

Ankeny birding

This morning I got up to go with the Salem Audubon Society on a birding trip to Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. When I got up this morning, a spectacular near-red sunrise greeted me, but by the time I got to Ankeny, a little cloud brightness was all that was left. A storm was coming, however, …

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