The first requirement of blogging

The first requirement of blogging is to actually¬† have something to write about, and lately my life has been lacking that. It’s go to work, come home, sleep, repeat. Between work demands (it’s end of year and very busy) and the heat (have I mentioned how much I hate summer?) it’s just been a struggle

Domestic bliss

I spent today checking off a list of duties, errands, and chores. Nothing too exciting, but adding 7 cans of pickled peaches and another 7 of spicy pickles (cucumbers) to my store gave me an unexpected little burst of pleasure. I also took a couple knitting projects as well as two art pieces to the

Focused Friday? Fatal failure.

Like many bloggers, I am going to do a “random” blog today because, well, this week has just worn me out. 1. First City Celebration This Saturday I will be in downtown Oregon City meeting and greeting the public along with 100 other artists and vendors for the 5th Annual First City Celebration. There will

It’s almost time for goodbye

For the last five years I’ve had a family of swallows nesting outside my office window. I love this. I love the swooping of the parents, the cries of the babies, the briefness of the whole affair. This year the nesting has been later than normal; based on my records, the swallows nested about 10

I know a secret!

I didn’t do much today. My big goal for this weekend was to get the new Watercolor Society of Oregon website updated, and it’s almost 11pm, but it is! It will still be a few days before the technical types get everything just so, but my part is up to date. To take a break,

It’s leaving that makes me come back

Tonight after work (at the end of a LONG week) we went down to Canemah. It’s amazing how much things changed in just a week. Metro had mowed, so the landscape looked like this: Things seemed pretty quiet, but I saw a lot of baby birds and anxious parents. But all in all, it was

Raptor report

I almost stepped on a bald eagle today. That was how I was going to start this post; but I have calmed down a little and decided to go with something closer to the truth. So, after work today we headed down to Canemah. It looked to be a pretty average summer Canemah evening.  

Birding at the beach

I don’t get down to the beach to visit¬† my parents as much as I probably should, but this weekend I made my way down for a quick visit. The Audubon Society of Lincoln City was offering their monthly Saturday morning walk and Mom and I decided to spend the morning birding. The group went