Go small and go home

You hear, “Go big or go home” all the time, but I think the lesson I need to learn is to go small AND go home. Last night, not knowing what kind of weather the day would bring, I searched local birding areas trying to get an idea about where I could go. I was

Surrounded by water, I’m searching the skies

So this silly hurricane is taking its sweet time. It’s having some effects, but so far it hasn’t “arrived” yet. I got up this morning and checked all the reports and determined that if I went snorkeling it would probably be pretty rough and murky. I’m not sure about that decision, but it’s the one

I have that effect

Back home, babysitting the granddog, my mom is gritting her teeth (and not exclusively about the dog.) Just before my first trip to Kona in September of 2012 (second trip to Hawaii) my mom and dad purchased a Nikon Coolpix camera that was supposed to be okay for snorkeling. I got five trips out with

Showing off my state

For the last week I have been a blissful combination of artist and tour guide as I gathered Ruth Buchanan up at the airport and showed off Oregon (in between making her teach a class at the fabulous Oregon Society of Artists (OSA) in Portland.) More about the class tomorrow. Thursday – Airport pickup, Blicks,

Camping and strawberries

As a follow up to last year’s highly enjoyable trip to the Allen Spring Campground, I made another reservation for the same weekend this year and Friday went over to this fabulous campground near Sisters, Oregon. This year a friend, Gretchen, came with me. Gretchen is a birder as well, and we planned to hit

The (La) Grande Tour

This weekend I drove over to La Grande to enjoy the Friends of Ladd Marsh Bird Festival. I had seen this even on my Facebook feed last year and had kept an eye on it all year long. They have some great programs over there. I hadn’t made up my mind whether or not to

A very (very) big state

Last week I went south and west to visit the coast. This week I headed south and east to visit Klamath Falls, Burns, and Ontario. Part of my job is doing training around the state; a couple of times a year I go on a bit of a “tour” to areas where new employees have

Explore and return

Today I drove up to Canby to take down my show at the Canby Library. While one painting sold (YES!), the others had to return home. They have not yet found their place in the world. On the way up, I decided to do something I have wanted to do for a long time; I

All The Gear, No Idea (ATGNI)

From Photography Slang: ATGNI: All The Gear, No Idea refers to a person who has bought lots of camera gear and doesn’t know how it all works. My dad started my love affair with cameras. Since starting this blog in 2014 I’ve actually had two cameras. I started out with a Canon “point-and-shoot” that I

Dungeness, Salt, and Ruby

This weekend I went up to Sequim, Washington (Sequim is pronounced squim) to get Key certified for scentwork (that’s tomorrow’s blog.) It’s a bit of a drive, five hours up, so I decided to make it a long weekend and go the long route coming home. Friday Friday we got off to a late start