The week in nature shots

At Canemah Doe with two fawns… This stream is not even a trickle… Pretty little thistle… Katydid? At Metro rehab site Water levels are low… Lots of fish fry in the water. Dry and windy…

Some weeks…

Some weeks seem longer than others, and this one seemed exceptionally long. So to celebrate the end, we went for a short hike around a (very dry) Canemah this evening. I saw this unusual fledgling sparrow. I spied a kestrel sitting in a tree next to a goldfinch. The madronas have had their bark sunburned

A non-artistic week

This week has been a big goose egg as far as artistic endeavers go. I wasn’t feeling well for most of it, and though I did go to critique group on Thursday, I still haven’t taken their suggestions, so I have nothing to show you there. This (three day) weekend I have been hard at

Canemah’s in bloom

In the last two weeks of not posting, Canemah has emerged into bloom. Camas, fawn lilies, and even iris area out. It was another drizzly day around here, but we made it out. The camas will be done soon, but everything is still stunning. I am sure that the woodpecker pair I commented on a

Native plant tour

I am sure I am not the only person who finds all sorts of fun things to do on Facebook and has a hard time following up on them. For a while now, I have wanted to take one of the monthly “walks” guided by the Native Plant Society of Oregon. Today that finally worked