Paint me!

Someone recently asked me how long it takes me to complete a painting. Every artist has heard this question and has their own response, the most realistic being “it took as long as it took.” For me, I would guesstimate it takes me about two months from “first paint on the paper” to “signature”. Sometimes

Dreams, wishes & work

California Chrome won the Preakness. Stacey and General George made the top 10 and will do their freestyle. One goal down, two to go. And I finished a 5K walk. I work for Multnomah County, which has been doing a series of heart awareness events. This is where I won my Nike Fuel and new

Horse Madness

This is one of my favorite times of year for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is Triple Crown season. It’s like March Madness, except with horses! This year a horse named California Chrome swept the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago. He’s definitely the horse to beat in tomorrow’s Preakness and


Each year I have vague ideas of making a New Year’s resolution to have complete rest one day a week. My basic thought is to have a day where I can only walk. It is my hope that with driving remove from the options, I would have more time to do things like paint or

Right place

It’s been a busy day, full of my usual Saturday things. I went to the Farmer’s Market, an art class with Patricia Schmidt, dropped off a piece of art at Grapevine Gallery for the Open Studios of Beavercreek show, then went out to the barn to muck stalls for Sound Equine Options. My last stop

The only constant is change

TGIF. The last couple of weeks have really taken it out of me. First, there is my new lifestyle; while I am already seeing changes and improvements such as better sleep, improved breathing, and more energy (for exercise), it has also been a mentally exhausting two weeks. At every step I have to make choices

I’m not weighing my soul

Today is weigh-in day. Last week I lost a good chunk of weight for my first weigh-in, and that has helped make this week easier—that and not having a caffeine withdrawal headache all week. Not that this week has been easy; I went grocery shopping yesterday and at one point found myself in the candy


So today I went to the Sound Equine Option’s Ride to Provide Horse Show as a vendor for my art. My goal was to do a dry run of my booth and maybe to get a couple of equine portrait commissions. I arrived and discovered that my booth wouldn’t work. The vendor area was really


Today, after work, I made my way across the river to the Oregon Convention Center to view the Gathering of the Guilds. This huge event encompasses the Oregon Potters Association Ceramic Showcase and is flanked by the Creative Metal Arts Guild, Oregon Glass Guild, Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, Portland Bead Society, and Portland Handweavers Guild.