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Why I don’t buy mass-market prints (and you shouldn’t either)

A couple of week ago two stories hit my inbox nearly simultaneously. They made me mad. And I decided to share my anger to (hopefully) educate my non-artist friends. So, yes, this is me on a soapbox. It’s a sermon. And I’m not sorry. Ripping Off Bev Jozwiak The first incident was a Facebook posting …

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Healthy Steps – Week 39

It’s Tuesday, one day before I weight in for Week 40. That should tell you about how I did last week. I gained 4.6 pounds. This was NOT a shocking result. I had the WSO show followed by two days of travel where the most nutritious thing I ate was a box of cheetos. Unfortunately, …

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My peeps ask, “What color did you get?” with deep and sincere interest

This weekend was the Fall Convention of the Watercolor Society of Oregon. I was really lucky because it was in Salem (where I live) so it was super easy. I was also able to offer accommodations to my friend, Sandra Pearce, and when she won third place (!!!!) at the show, I think some of …

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Healthy Steps – Week 38

Yeah! I didn’t gain this week! Yeah! I did all my goals from last week! Yeah! I’m going to have the same goals this week! Eating my prepared food Hit 10,000 all seven days, taking at least one break/lunch walk Tracking 3 of 7 2 Frappuccinos per day

7 random items for a Sunday post

1. I had guests this weekend. This is my excuse for no art. 2. I am tired tonight. That is my excuse for this post. 3. The last few weeks have had some fun art things. My painting, “Flammagenitus Clouds” (unfinished version shown below) got The Art Department Award at the Paint the Town event. …

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Healthy Steps – Week 35-37

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks. The week before I left for Hawaii was full of odd events and doing a blog post just didn’t make the list. When I was in Hawaii I was having too much fun to even think about healthy steps (also, I ate… everything) and when I came back it …

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Remember to say “Finish”!

This weekend Key and I went down to Grants Pass for a nosework trial. This will be his fourth trial this year, plus the ORT in January. This time he was competing for a Nosework 2 title. Saturday sights We drove down early on Saturday morning because I wanted to volunteer at the NW1 trial …

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The Hawaii stealth project

I always seem to go on vacation with big plans. And then I spend my free time watching TV or reading. I am proud of myself on this trip, however, because I did a small part of my goal to do some painting! A couple of years ago I made a journal in a class …

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Aloha, Hawai’i

Apparently, I have trouble with the vacation concept. I run around doing stuff and adventuring and having a great time, but I’m TIRED when I come back. So today, my story is that I relaxed. I didn’t do much. That’s my story. I got up and went for another snorkel at Two Step and it …

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Three adventures (with clouds)

Today is my second to last day on the island and one I had been looking forward to since signing up for the Hawai’i Island Festival of Birds. It was the day that I went to Kaloko-Honokohau for the guided bird walk. All told, we saw 18 species of birds, though except for the Wandering …

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