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September 4 Painting (Painting a Day Challenge)

Tired again. So… this is my cat Bella lounging in the Labor Day sun. Tentative title: “Labor Day.”

September 3 Painting (Painting a Day Challenge)

I noticed on the page of the gal who is posting this challenge that she is writing about what inspired each of her paintings. But I’m too tired tonight… You’ll have to make do with just looking and my satisfaction that I got it done.

September = Challenges

So maybe it’s the cooler whether, but when I flipped the calendar over yesterday I felt completely inspired to tackle a few challenges. First, I signed Finn and I up for another “walk your dog everyday” challenge through a Weight Watcher’s group. This is the second time I’ve done this, and aside from an acute …

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And the song returns

Sunday afternoon we went for a hike in Canemah. Over the summer, each time I visited this favorite spot, I noticed the silence. In the spring it can be so loud with frogs calling and birds seeking mates, but as soon as the babies leave the nest, a dead silence takes over, broken only by …

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Prepping for Hillsboro

Saturday afternoon I drove back from the beach with a stop to do some scouting at Rood Bridge Park in Hillsboro, one of three potential plein air sites at the upcoming Hillsboro Plein Air Plus that I have entered. There will be opportunities for artists to set up at the Farmer’s Market, Downtown Hillsboro, or …

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All for a reference photo

Friday morning I got up and headed down to the beach to see my parents. Just as I was leaving Sheridan, I saw a small herd of elk running beside the highway. Naturally, I slammed on the brakes to see if I could get some reference photos. This turned out to be more of a …

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Good Reminder

When painting, and even more when submitting paintings into shows, I have to remind myself over and over again that art is subjective. This can be hard to accept. It is so obvious to any viewer that this painting/sculpture/mosiac is better than that painting/sculpture/mosiac. Of course, the next viewer can have a completely different viewpoint… …

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Just a few updates

I (finally) finished the sleeves on my sweater. It seems like it took forever, but as I said, I’m trying to look at it like my weight loss project and just keep plugging away. Next I’ll start on the front, then put it all together, and do the button band. Speaking of weight loss, I …

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Movie Review: American Mustang

About American Mustang 3D …to create a film that would highlight the issues facing wild horses and spur a national dialogue about how best to protect them. The end result is a film as entertaining as it is compelling, uniquely weaving dramatic documentary footage of horses in the wild with an engaging coming-of-awareness story about …

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Friday Fair & Rodeo (photo essay)

Friday I went to the Clackamas County Fair & Rodeo with my friends Suzie and Scott. It has been years since I went and it was a lot of fun. I really just wanted to attend the fair, but I hate the parking and driving hassle, so when Scott and Suzie said they were going …

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