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Cheating (ever so slightly…)

Tonight I am forced to cheat a little on my painting a day challenge. 1. I did do a painting (technically a mixed media) but it is currently covered in rocks waiting to dry. I will show it to you soon. 2. I started another painting, but the project above prevented me from getting more …

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Traverse… super quick

Tonight I went out to a painting class at Angie Grainger‘s. She had just come back from a Robert Burridge seminar and had us do a warm up: we mixed two colors (one light, one dark), she chose a word from the dictionary, we painted in three minutes. The word: Traverse. I kind of like …

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Marsh Song

I took the reference photo for this near Cascade Head on the Audubon Society of Lincoln City’s monthly trip.

Red & a Rant

Today on my “Walk the dog everyday” challenge, the bonus was to be inspired by something red. I was a little short on inspiration, so I went looking through my reference photos and came across a horse in a red halter that inspired my little painter’s heart. I like this well enough I’m thinking about …

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September 7 Painting (Painting a Day Challenge)

I started this painting as a study for a piece my friend asked me to make. I now know that this composition and technique won’t work… Good knowledge to have before starting a full sheet piece.

Kevin MacPherson Demo

Today I went to a demo out at Cathedral Park by a painter named Kevin MacPherson.   Customize your own slideshow It was a very educational day and I learned a lot. Kevin was a good instructor… particularly for free! I didn’t realize how famous he was until I overheard several different people talking about …

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Summer mascot

Today before settling down to paint we took a long hike in Canemah. On a whim we “stopped by” the area where I have seen my great horned owl several times. I didn’t hear anyone scolding and no one was flying, so I figured it was a lost cause. Then I looked up. I’m thrilled …

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September 4 Painting (Painting a Day Challenge)

Tired again. So… this is my cat Bella lounging in the Labor Day sun. Tentative title: “Labor Day.”

September 3 Painting (Painting a Day Challenge)

I noticed on the page of the gal who is posting this challenge that she is writing about what inspired each of her paintings. But I’m too tired tonight… You’ll have to make do with just looking and my satisfaction that I got it done.

September = Challenges

So maybe it’s the cooler whether, but when I flipped the calendar over yesterday I felt completely inspired to tackle a few challenges. First, I signed Finn and I up for another “walk your dog everyday” challenge through a Weight Watcher’s group. This is the second time I’ve done this, and aside from an acute …

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