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Apr 23


I got to mark a small bucket list item off my list today. The Salem March for Science had a small group of counter-protesters across the street. I’m doing something controversial! Though, to be fair, I never did figure out their cause… Anyway, I did attend the Salem March for Science today. As soon as …

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Apr 20

Goodbye, Finn

Today I said goodbye to my darling Finn. October 14, 2001 – April 19, 2017 2001 I got Finn from a rescue. His parents had come in during a drug best, and they had gone to a friend of a friend’s rescue. Finn was one of the two surviving pups. How could I not fall …

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Apr 17

Around the state and back again

Some weeks are just too full, and this last week was one of them for me. As I said, I went on the lovely Seattle tour with the Traveling Ewe last weekend, came back for a day, then went back on the road to Eastern Oregon for work. Eastern Oregon Trip One of the parts …

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Apr 10

JJ, take the wheel

A couple of months ago I decided I need a vacation from attending the Watercolor Society of Oregon conventions (twice a year in April and October.) After putting one on, I was tired. I didn’t get a painting into this show, and I knew it would be extra big and fancy because it was combined …

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Apr 02


I am (still) working through Vinita Pappas‘ Fall Messy Palette Club classes. The third week assignment was to create a “blue” folder. This has been a surprisingly tough assignment, but it made me notice how often humans use the color blue to convey a “go with the flow” sort of wish: parking signs, flags, garbage …

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Mar 27

Inspired vs. not

I am still working on getting caught up in my Vinita Pappas‘ Fall Messy Palette Club classes. I published a post on yellow this week and I’m working on a blue post next. Also we were supposed to do a still life. I do not like still lives. But I am trying. I have one …

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Mar 24


In the category of better late than never, I am working through Vinita Pappas‘ Fall Messy Palette Club classes. The second week assignment was to create a “yellow” folder. Like my “Red” post in October, I’m doing this as a photo assignment.

Mar 20

A collage of thoughts

Since starting this blog a little over three years ago, one of the challenges has been creating good blog posts. Data has shown that readers like my art posts, but I’ve had good results with well-written essays about a variety of topics. Then there are days like today when I have a bunch of tiny …

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Mar 13

Other opinions are “Out There”

Last week I met a few deadlines. That, in itself, is cause for celebration. That they were art deadlines was even more significant. 2016 was not a great year for my art; I was deadline with a lot and didn’t paint as much as other years, but also I didn’t do shows or submit to …

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Mar 06

High fiber weekend

This weekend was the 2017 Rose City Yarn Crawl. It has been a few years since I really invested in this event, but this year I did the Knit Along in preparation for a long day of yarn shopping. I invited members of my (not often attended) Salem knitting group and a very nice knitter …

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