Will they have art therapy in the funny farm?

I was just messaging an artist friend and I was assuring her that I was TOTALLY sane after a weekend of painting. The dog project continues, and I feel like I’m getting my stride. Sketch Image Painting Focus Spring: Yellow Flowered Collar portrait / face Fast Friends relationship Dribble (or Play Maker) object Summer: Red

The Panic Zone

I think I have officially entered the panic stage of this experiment. Several things have happened in the last week. I took half the paintings to my critique group. They made some goods suggestions, among which was that the paintings needed a unifying force… such as similar backgrounds. Or at least styles (Portrait of Young


Thank you to Ruth Armitage who used this as a blog post title. I’ve had it written down ever since! meraki meraki [may-rah-kee] Meraki is a Greek word that describes doing something with love, creativity and pure soul. It means leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work, whatever your work may be.


rhopography, n.: “Chiefly in painting: a depiction of subject matter considered insignificant or trivial, as still life, the domestic interior, animals, etc.” I have been wanting to use that word-of-the-day for a long time. Finally! Work on my Minto Brown series goes apace. I have been surprisingly focused. I currently only have two more subjects

2020 Goals

Heading into 2020, I feel a little daunted. Last year I put my goals in a new format in an attempt to recognize that it would be a tough year for me. I think that gave me the space to grieve Mom’s death (not that that will stop), but it was demonstrably a less effective

2019 Goals in Review

Well, just a few more hours of 2019. It was one for the books. Last year, knowing it would be a tough year, I did my goals slightly differently. I tried to be less (ha ha) goal oriented. And, well, not as much got done. I’m okay with that, and it was probably unavoidable. But

Milestone Wanderer

Last Friday (Dec. 20), I took off on an epic trip to Monterey, California, and back. 1500+ miles of driving in 8 days. The main goal was to a) avoid the holidays, and b) see birds. I managed to do a spectacular job at both. Day 1 – To Redding This day the goal was


Every so often, I publish a “stealth post.” This post will be one of those. I tend to process things slowly, and writing about difficult topics can help me put things in perspective. I usually don’t go out of my way to publicize these posts because the topic is personal and not “on point” to

Deadline? What deadline?

For those of you who are counting (not that I’m among them…) I have ten (10) weeks until I need to be ready for my show at the Salem Art Association (opening night, March 6; delivery by Feb. 27). So, what did I work on this weekend? Certainly not that! Because obviously anything is more