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Jan 22

Second verse, same as the first

During what the press is calling “Women’s Weekend” I attended the Salem WomXn’s March to mark the anniversary of the epic 2017 Women’s March. Note: I am not going into what I think about the name change. The signage standard , already  high last year, was even higher this year. While I opted for my …

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Jan 21

Featuring fish, fowl, and fossils

This morning was my monthly critique group excursion. While I haven’t exactly been producing at a record speed (or even producing anything very good…) I have been working. I sorted through the piles and came to the realization that I needed some help more than I needed anyone to admire some of my latest successes, …

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Jan 18

Healthy Steps – Week 3

Right off the bat… I lost 3.6 pounds this week. I’m a little surprised, but so thrilled. It wasn’t a stellar week, and my steps were absolutely tiny, but at least I’m heading in the right direction. Once again, I’m not ready to take on more, so I’m going to stick to my basic set …

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Jan 16

A new “Little” adventure

Today, after months of planning, the final “feature” of my summer garden re-do was installed. Meet Little Free Library, charter # 67289. In December, the LFL website had some pretty good sales, so as a “Santa” present, I got myself a library. I had to paint it (harder than it looks because the hardware had …

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Jan 15

I need a keeper

There is a meme of which I am particularly fond. I have it on a notebook as well as hung in my studio. Today was all about the frustration, errors, and experimentation. Mistake #1 I am on day three of a 4-day-weekend, and today my goal was to paint. But, well, I was a little …

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Jan 11

Healthy Steps – Week 2

This week I gained 2.6 pounds. Honestly, while I’m disappointed, I feel like it’s more the category of “staying the same” because I’ve been gaining and loosing that same 2 pounds for about a year.  But, I did make some healthy (small) steps. So, all is not lost. Last week I said I was going …

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Jan 08

The right collector comes along…

As an artist, sometimes you do a painting and you know it’s not perfect, but you like it. This painting of Taylor Said and Winning Machine in the 2012 Longacres Mile is a painting that I have liked for a long time, but I’ve also had some concerns about. In fact, it’s gone through a …

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Jan 04

Healthy Steps – Week 1

So, it’s a new year. And like millions of other people, I have resolved to go on a diet… lose weight… get in shape….  I’m going to stop myself there. Here’s my real goal: I want the pain to stop. Weight Watchers, which is a great program that focuses on healthy eating and wholesome habits, …

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Jan 02

2018 Goal List

It’s really easy to write down all the things I’d like to accomplish over the coming year. What’s hard is remembering I only have so much time and energy. This is from a Weight Watcher’s exercise about mastering your time. While the list below is long (really long), I’d also like to think it’s doable …

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Dec 31

2017 Goal List – Review

(Accomplishments in red) (sort-ofs in purple) Painting Keep painting Write more exclusively about art in my blog Attend critique group Investigate Salem group Enter both WSO shows Participate in local art group Arts in Action Join (done) Attend meetings Enter the Equine Art Show (Emerald Downs) July Submit to the AAEA Show Spring (March deadline) …

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