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  1. Stepping back — October 16, 2017
  2. The extra bedroom — October 15, 2017
  3. Montana adventure – days 9 and 10 — September 27, 2017
  4. Montana adventure – days 7 and 8 — September 24, 2017
  5. Montana adventure – days 5 and 6 — September 22, 2017

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Oct 16

Stepping back

Wow, I’ve painted two days in a row. And blogged both days. Someone mark the calendar. Unfortunately, I’m still on “stealth projects” so I don’t have much to show. Instead, I will explain a decision I’ve been coming to for a while as I show you random pictures from my cell phone that I claim …

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Oct 15

The extra bedroom

I grew up in a three-bedroom/1-bath house. We always had an extra bedroom that I was relegated to whenever my grandparents came over. As a teenager I remember being fascinated by that room and it’s haphazard contents: sewing items, old textbooks, photographs, old computers. I remember wondering why my mom (sorry, Mom) didn’t DO something …

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Sep 27

Montana adventure – days 9 and 10

Well, we are home, safe and sound. I even think Mom and I are speaking to each other (it was a near thing at the end. Crossing four states–639 miles–in just over 12 hours will test anyone’s relationship.) Our last days in Montana were fun. Sunday I took a long hike with Key, then we …

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Sep 24

Montana adventure – days 7 and 8

I always hate to admit it, but about day 6 of any vacation, I begin to get homesick. It’s silly… I have my mom and my dog with me, but the undeniable fact is that I’m a LONG way from home. As if to make sure I feel welcome, the last couple of days have …

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Sep 22

Montana adventure – days 5 and 6

Yesterday I explored Missoula and vicinity in the morning before spending some time with relatives in the afternoon. In in the morning, I went to a hiking are at Blue Mountain, which was beautiful, but I only saw a few birds, most of those Clark’s Nutcrackers. However, I’m grooving on the rocks here. Very different …

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Sep 20

Montana adventure – days 3 and 4

Rain. Our prayers across the PNW have been answered. Of course, the rain arrived a little too late to save our Glacier plans, so I’ve been exploring the Flathead valley before heading down south to Missoula via the National Bison Range. Monday I visiting Wayfarer State Park, one of the places my dad’s ashes are …

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Sep 18

Montana adventure – days 1 and 2

In spite of the fact that the entire Pacific Northwest seems to be on fire, my mom and I set off for our vacation to Montana yesterday. This trip had not even started when serious logistical problems challenged it. The first was time. Mom and I had talked about hitting Yellowstone, Glacier, and the Bitterroot …

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Sep 11


I spent the weekend in what my mom always called “putzing” mode. I didn’t do anything exciting, but I certainly did a lot of little projects. After the exhaustion of Friday, I slept well and then slept in Saturday morning. After (finally) getting up and walking the dog, I hit the Farmer’s market. Apples are …

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Sep 09

The fragile sorter

I am currently in the unenviable position of feeling both very fragile and having to make some big decisions. As I said a few weeks ago, I am struggling with several issues right now, the largest being a return of my depression. Today was a big because I had two doctor’s appointment that I hoped …

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Sep 07

A certain age

The saleslady said “Ladies of a certain age shouldn’t wear red” An odd thing to ban Why not black, or gray, or tan? It’s true that my complexion no longer shows The smoothness that society poetically calls glow. My breasts may tend to slightly sag Another thing society deems bad So why should red now …

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