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Feb 22

Healthy Steps – Week 8

This was a challenging week for me; a three-day weekend, a trip, several stressful meetings, and a slow period at work. Any one of these can and did trigger my desire to eat EVERYTHING. I didn’t eat EVERYTHING, but I certainly did eat plenty. Thus, is was a pleasant surprise when I was down .4 …

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Feb 19

Just gonna tell you about everything

It’s a three-day weekend. You might think that this would be a perfect opportunity to write a great blog, full of insight and pictures. Ha. I’ve mostly just sat around doing the things I want to do, occasionally getting something like grocery shopping or laundry accomplished.  But as this day (and weekend) heads to a …

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Feb 15

Healthy Steps – Week 7

This week I was down 3.8 pounds. This makes a total of 20.6 pounds (12.2 of those in this year) removed and… drum roll please… 5% of my starting weight. Weight Watchers doesn’t celebrate this milestone anymore, but I’m going to because I need the validation! So I was thinking this evening about all this …

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Feb 12

A dream (almost) fulfilled

If you ask any artist what their dream is, they will tell you the same thing: Storage space. All artists DREAM of an empty studio, with all finished paintings miraculously sold, all failed paintings quietly removed from reality without decisions to be made, and the only thing on the agenda is the next idea. This …

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Feb 08

Healthy Steps – Week 6

In spite of a week that in some ways got the best of me, I am down another 1.6 pounds this week! Frankly, it seems like a miracle because there was A LOT of emotional eating in there. But my goals, small though they were, were there and at the end of the week progress …

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Feb 05

Stealth project reveal – Cosmo and Zoe

As an artist, an especially an artist who plays too much on Facebook, I am constantly barraged with lists of things I could or should do. Sometimes these lead to experiments, but more often these lists just fill me with a vague sort of guilt that I have not accomplished them. A couple of years …

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Feb 01

Healthy Steps – Week 5

Another 1.2 lost! I’m very pleased with myself! I am also trying to get another project done tonight, so I’m just going to reiterate my goals (still, no change….) with last week’s status in paraenthesis: Tracking – 7 days, 3 in “blue dot” zone (none last week) Have 1 Frapachino in the morning (4 of …

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Jan 30

Birch, Anise, and Clove

Yesterday I told you all where we went, but today I plan to talk about WHY we went there. Since March of last year, Key and I have been taking scent work classes. The basic idea is that the dog learns the handler wants him to find particular odors, then does his best to find …

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Jan 29

Dungeness, Salt, and Ruby

This weekend I went up to Sequim, Washington (Sequim is pronounced squim) to get Key certified for scentwork (that’s tomorrow’s blog.) It’s a bit of a drive, five hours up, so I decided to make it a long weekend and go the long route coming home. Friday Friday we got off to a late start …

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Jan 25

Healthy Steps – Week 4

On Tuesday, I posted this picture on Weight Watcher’s social media app “Connect.” I also contacted the WW help app to grumble and be reminded about “long term goals.” This was after a week of tracking, three days in the “blue dot zone”, and seven days of hitting my FitBit 10,000 steps a day. Did …

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